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Women's Health Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is more than rehabbing a sports injury or helping someone to learn how to walk again.  Just like physicians, physical therapists have many different areas of focus and specialties.  We treat patients in many different settings and we are trained to treat various diagnosis. 

At Terra Lotus, our passion and our specialty is Women's Health.  We are focused on treating the whole person and treating ailments that present throughout the lifespan that are specific to women.  Too often, many of us are hesitant to talk to our doctors about what we are going through due to embarrassment or social stigma.  But rest assured, a vast majority of us are going through it with you.  

Our goal is to not only bring you improved health and wellness, but to bring awareness to the community about common concerns and issues that many women are dealing with.  We want to provide a conservative option to women to improve their sense of self and well-being through the application of physical therapy. 

Common Women's Health Issues:

  • Incontinence

  • Pelvic pain and dysfunction

  • Pelvic health in the young Athlete

  • Pregnancy

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Post-Partum

  • Prolapse

  • Post operative Breast Cancer 

  • Sexual pain disorders

  • Generalized weakness and dysfunction

  • Improvement in overall health

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