What is Terra Lotus?

When deciding on a name for our practice, we decided we wanted to represent all women and the changes that occur throughout a woman’s life. It was important to us that our name represent our cause. Terra means Earth and represents the importance of feeling grounded in today’s world. Lotus is a flower that blooms out of murky water and represents purity, rebirth and beauty.

Terra Lotus has been a dream that has evolved over many years and is finally coming into fruition with lots of hard work, planning and study. Our studies have focused on treatment of the whole person through physical therapy modalities from strengthening, body work, taping and education and now we are bringing it full circle with adding yoga to improve body, spirit, and mind.

We chose to focus on women’s health to bring to light many of the issues that face modern women today. Many of the issues that plague women are considered "hush hush" and we want to erase that stigma. We want to bring attention and awareness to women and women’s health related issues in order for women to feel comfortable in their body throughout their lifespan.

We want to hold space for all women to acknowledge where they are in life and thrive through all the stages.